Morning! Take what you need!
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The New Moon in Scorpio and solar eclipse are occurring later this week, and the energy is all about new beginnings, rebirth and release from the past. Like the snake you shed the skin of the past leaving behind what no longer serves you only bringing with what is in your best interest and serves you on your highest path. This is the time to plant the seeds that are in the best interest of your purpose and your medicine to the world and to do so with your own authentic truth at the heart of your intentions. This is a highly creative time and by using our voice and staying true to our own truth within we cultivate what is most in line with our highest path and deepest desires + Ara
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This is the Tantra: make love to this moment.
Love, like a verb.
Give away the best of you without saving or holding anything back.
All of it.
Because as fast as you empty that bucket,
Grace rains down to fill it,
in the world of time that passes 
between heart beats.
Yes. She Is. That generous.

~ Lisa Schrader
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…because it is!
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Kundalini Dance
This exquisite combination of Divine Masculine, still, presence, pure consciousness, along with the passionate, creative, moving energy of the Divine Feminine creates the perfect balance of stillness and movement simultaneously where you can co-create your deepest heart’s desires.

The masculine energy without the feminine is all fast and furious without substance, without depth, without feeling. The masculine without the feminine, is the overdrive of our society, doing whatever it takes to stay survive, its empty, it’s meaningless. It manifests as a society that allows environmental destruction of the earth for economic gain. It manifests as emotionally numb men and woman who can’t feel, who model to their children how to suppress emotion and manipulate to get their needs met rather than teaching their children how to healthily express their feelings or modeling open vulnerable communication as a way to express our needs.

The feminine energy without out the masculine drive or fire remains a milky soup of deep feeling and void. We receive our creative inspiration from the feminine void and it is in that state of deep feminine receptivity we align to the wisdom of creation for wisdom. We express the creative impulse from our feminine center with our masculine energy.

Learning how to consciously work with these two polarities you can access extraordinary power to create both change in your inner world and in your outer world of manifestation.

Leyolah Antara - An excerpt from my book Kundalini Dance - Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys
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The break is where more light gets in!
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Manifestation tip on the blog! #thegirlfriendmanifesto
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Rave on! #thegirlfriendmanifesto
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